Monday, September 5, 2011

Tilt-shift photography

Most of you who follow my blog know about my love for photography. I’m just a armature now but, eventually want to prefect my skills and take more professional pictures. Lately I have been fascinated with a photo technic called Tilt-Shift. Tilt-Shift lenses focus on a single part of the photo and blur the surrounding area to create an optical illusion of miniaturized scenery. Real tilt shift lenses are very expensive, but a similar effect can be achieved using Photoshop. I played around with Photoshop the other day and this is what I have came up with. My picture doesn’t look like miniature model of Hong Kong but I like this effect a lot because it really draws the attention to me and smudges out all the other random people around that I felt kind of ruined the picture before. I’m sure much better results can be achieved and more close to the actual Tilt-Shift effect if you have the patients and you think its worth the effort. If you like to try, go on YouTube and type in Tilt-Shift Photoshop tutorial. 

Have a great day!  :) XOXO Nicky 


  1. Vilken underbar plats! Jag vill åka dit! :-)

    Ha en fin Måndag!
    Kram Elina

  2. Great effect, and a very nice pic!
    At this moment there is a lot of tilt-shift software for Iphone/Ipad...
    Makes the world look like a toy-world!

  3. It gives a fantastic effect but too complicate for
    my knowledge with PC ! Anyway I can see you better for once.... Exactly as I imagine you are.

  4. Elina: Ja Hong Kong är underbar!!!!!! :) Min favoritstad just nu. Förstår att du vill åka dit, det vill jag också..igen!! :) Kram

  5. Isabell: Kul att kunna inspirera och ge tips :) Kram

  6. Jeroen: Thank you for the tip!! :) I will look in to it!

  7. Supersnyggt foto! Du är duktig på att fota. Jag gillar dina bilder!

    kram CC

  8. Så coolt! Är du självlärd på Photoshop?
    Har försökt lära mig själv men det går inte så bra :(
    Kram C


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