Monday, September 26, 2011

In the misty woods

A few pictures from the other day. Lately I have a unusually need to be out in nature. I lose myself in the colors, the sounds and smells. Nature has excellent life force energy, it helps me to restore my batteries, to focus, to reduce stress and improve my ever changing mood. I live in the city and although it’s nice to take a walk in the park, it’s not the same as walking in the misty dark woods. There is something primitive and organic about the woods, It’s a place where I can be quiet in silence and actually hear the voice of reason and purpose. I should do this more often!! 

Have a great day!  XOXO Nicky 


  1. Åh skohspromenader är ju bara så himmelska! Som balsam för själen och nyttigt för kroppen med lite kuperad terräng.
    Skogen är så vacker nu på hösten ed alla sina skiftande färger!
    Hittar man sen lite ätlig svamp så är ju lyckan fullkomlig.

    Kram Mrs G

  2. It is difficult to caputre these different kind of greens. But you succeeded.


  3. Mrs G: Visst är det så :) naturen är fantastiskt! Ha en fin kväll! :) Kram

  4. Filip Demuinck: Thank you! :) You always give the nicest compliment and it's very appreciated :)

  5. i agree.... so peaceful & such a pure energy. beautiful photos!

    visit me!


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