Thursday, September 22, 2011

4ever Chanel

White Blouse - ELLE SHOP

Chanel nailpolish

Hope you are having a fabulous day! XOXO Nicky 


  1. OMG, if I died and lived in heaven, THIS would be my wardrobe and accessories! LOVES IT!!! Great match of everything, babe!

  2. Not sure what I love more about this outfit but that blouse with the leather pants - so perfect

  3. I have on my wish list a leather trouser, It's just too hot x

  4. All that I like, my style exactly. ! Unfortunately, boot's heels too high for me !

  5. jenwoonani: Wow thanks what a great compliment! :) I really like it too ;) :)

  6. Jess: Thank you! :) I like the mix of strength and softness :) Cool yet feminine!

  7. Ahh jag skrev en kommentar här igår, men det verkar ha gått upp i rök.
    Gillar också Chanel och i synnerhet deras dofter och kosmetika.
    Skinnbyxor och skyhöga klackar är nog inte riktigt jag men det andra köper jag!!
    Nagellacket är bara det finaste! har det på mina tossingar just nu:)

    Kram Mrs G

  8. Fashion Mom. Me 2 :) But Im still looking for the ONE! :) X


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