Sunday, September 18, 2011

Details that makes the difference

( Shoe: Christian Louboutin, handbag: Chanel )

I was at a Kids Birthday Party today :) fun for me :D ;P Anyway I wanted to show you the whole outfit but nobody took my picture since everybody was preoccupied with the one should be at a kids party I guess :)  I don't have any children on my own so my outfit wasn't exactly baby friendly, but I felt fabulous in it and that´s what counts right ? :) ;) I had on the pats I was telling you about before and it looks like this but I have it in black. A feminine blouse and this coat.  And on the pictures you can see some other details from todays look.   

Have a fantastic sunday afternoon! :) XOXO Nicky  


  1. Du har så rätt så, kunde inte sagt det bättre själv.
    Tror dessutom att du var riktigt fin i det där fast det saknas bildbevis.

    Kram Mrs G

  2. I wish I could see you in your whole outfit :-(
    but items looks already awesome ! x

  3. Mrs G: Tack ! :) Nästa gång ska jag försöka ta bild på hela outfiten :) Kram Kram :)

  4. Fashion Mom: Thank you! :) Next time I will try to post a picture of the whole outfit :) X

  5. oohh. vart köpte du din chanel bag?as fin

  6. Anonymous: Tack! :) Chanel väskan är en present och är köpt i Paris. Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag! :)


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