Friday, September 30, 2011

Sea breeze

Took an amazing, refreshing walk on the beach with my parents the other day. Here in Sweden we are very lucky and enjoying some kind of Indian summer. Temperatures this high in this time of the year are quite unusual. Tomorrow if the weather forecast is right we can expect another lovely sunny day. So the question is what to do with a beautiful day like that?

Wish you all a great weekend, beautiful weather and hope you all take time to do something special!  :) XOXO Nicky  


  1. Idag är det verkligen kanon att bo vid havet, härligt!
    Men men jag är på väg till dina kvarter hahaha, see u;)

    Trevlig helg!

    Kram Mrs G

  2. Fashion Mom: Thank you! :) It was a great day! :)


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