Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beautiful Septmber

Just got back from the gym and boy was it tuff, I feel exhausted.  Have a busy day today, needs tons of energy! I better make a protein shake to "wake me up" and to keep me full until lunch. Ok, got to go! :) Leaves you with some nice autumn pictures from the other day.  

Have a great one! :) XOXO Nicky ♡  


  1. Åh vilka fina bilder! Önskar att jag också tog tag i det där med gymet, men snart så...

    Kram Mrs G

  2. Sportive Nicky and full of good resolutions...
    Difficult for me to begin.... Nice prictures as usual.

  3. Mrs G: Tack :) Det känns verkligen skönt att vara igång med träningen. Lycka till med din! :) Kram

  4. Sylvie: Everything is easier once you have already started, getting started is the hardest part. I´m sure that exercise on a regular basis would make a world of difference for you! Good luck! :)


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