Friday, January 14, 2011

Time for something new

Sitting in my kitchen trying to decide what colors to choose. If everything goes as planed we star to renovate the whole apartment in the middle of February. I will go for neutral light colors, chic and simple. Bright neutrals work great as a base, opens up the space and make furniture and the objects in the room stand out. I think that personal things like photos and art should make a statement and be the focal point in the home rather than the walls.

Have a nice afternoon! XOXO Nicky 


  1. Thank you Janet, me too :) I think it's going to be great. XO

  2. Underbart, blir ju alldeles glad bara av att se färgkartan... Har fått ett inre sug på att köpa mig lite färg och dra fram en gammal canvas! En trevlig helg önskar jag dig. Kram

  3. Jo, den där semlan gick inte av för hackor du! :) Såg du förresten att jag också gjorde ett Syltan-inlägg sen? :)

    Gud, vad kul med renovering! Det är en sådan underbar känsla med förnyelse!

  4. I love decoration also but with the grey we have to choose it very light otherwise even with other coulour it looks dull. For my experience...But it's not ma job like you neither my flat.... Like this we can mix it up with darker, black and white. As an appreciation of course.


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