Monday, January 3, 2011

Back into shape

Image: Summer 2009

Tomorrow will be my first day at the gym for a long time. It is really time for me to get serious about my work out regime not just for superficial reasons but also for my heath. It’s going to be fantastic to feel confident, fit and strong again. Physical exercise is also great for reducing stress and relaxes the mind, which is very important  for me since I think waaaaaaaay too much! It is going to be challenging but also a lot of fun. I do need the discipline and the focus right now.

XOXO Nicky 


  1. My last comment before leaving tomorrow early.
    Are you intending to change something in your life?? (you think too much I understand) ? Anyway your back is beautiful.... no need gym for body only for mind.
    Bye beautiful.....

  2. hi nicky,

    i wish you the best to get back into working out and feeling good again. you are young and beautiful and i doubt you are 'out of shape' but working out does so much for our insides too.


  3. u know, today i was also thinking of getting back to gym as well...i want to feel fit and healthy

  4. Good Luck!) I try to go to thr GYM every day! But I know sometimes its hard to get up and go!)


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