Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finding my voice

I love books! I don't really know why, but I've never really been a big reader of fictional books of any kind, the kind I love the most are style, design or photography books. Since I was a little girl I was drown to beauty. I remember when most girls were playing house with boys, I rather spend time alone drawing, coloring and painting a imaginary world that only I understood. Out in nature instead of playing hide and seek, I would try to find a prettier shell, stone or flower than the ordinary. My life-long thirst for beauty and creativity have shape me and still is shaping me to the person I’m and aspiring to become. Living among beauty is therapeutic for me, since it transmits positive energy and harmony. I find so much inspiration in these wonderful books, inspiration to continue my journey to perfect my style and find new ways of self-expression.

XOXO Nicky


  1. Förresten så håller jag helt med om det du skrev. Det enda jag gjorde som barn var att sitta försjunken i mitt ritblock med mina vackra pennor. Lyssnade på musik i massor och ritade och tecknade. Som du älskar jag också vackra böcker och att leva omgiven av vackra saker. Det ger mig lika mycket energi som lugn. Jag tycker att du ska köpa boken Fashion som jag fick i julklapp, även en annan likadan bok, tung och vacker som heter Toys for girls... Wow!

  2. I love your blogg men jag tycker du borde uppdatera lite oftare...

    kram Anna


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