Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yellow fever

Top H&M

Estee Lauder nail polish

Hi Guys! I’m back in Sweden and bloging from home now :) Today I was once again inspired by Kelly Bensimon and copied her Hampton’s look. It is summery, simple yet chic and you get this outfit in any price range, budget or high-end. Let your imagination or you wallet decide. Check out how Kelly rock this outfit on Youtube. See you later! :) 

XOXO Nicky 


  1. Nicky where is Kelly, she looks in your home? Or may be it is you... it's a mystery for me You are so similar! even the body-......

  2. Fan vilken bra post! Jag älskar när bloggerskor (eller tidningar) gör sådana där, "klä dig som"-grejer. Och så får man se dig egen version också, KUL! Välkommen tillbaka! Kram

  3. Jenny: Tack snälla ! Vad kul att du gillar den :)

    Sylvie: I take that as a complement! :)

  4. Sjukt snygga Jeans! = Me love!!!!
    kram CC

  5. Sv: Tusen tack! Det uppsakttas! :) Jag kan inte göra annat än att säga detsamma om din!!

    Ha en fortsatt bra dag!


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