Saturday, July 16, 2011

Open-Toe Season

Yesterday my cousin who is a licensed medical pedicure technician was here and gave me a beautiful pedicure. Such a treat to have it done in the comfort of my own home, listening to lounge music, drinking G&T…only me though. Wouldn’t want her being tipsy while handling sharp scalpels :D Anyway it was nice to catch up and the I’m loving my pretty feet :) I don’t really have any problems with my feet so I usually go for a regular pedicure, but 2-3 times a year it is nice to have a proper medical pedicure also known as amedicure” which the feet and toenails undergo extensive cleaning. I do recommend everyone to make foot care an ongoing ritual. Make sure that you only visit a licensed pedicure technician who really understands about proper sterilization techniques that needs to be used on the pedicure equipment. If you don’t have the time or budget for professional pampering, you can come pretty close to a salon pedicure with the proper tools and techniques. I hope I gave you some motivation to step up your foot care regimen now when open-toe shoe season in full swing. 

Wish you all a beautiful evening!  XOXO Nicky 


  1. ÅÅÅÅ Vad härligt! Det är just det jag skulle behöva ni!! till ett glas Rosé, hihihi

    Ha det bäst!
    kram CC

  2. Sv: Åh tack!! :) Jag är själv jättenöjd!

  3. Nice feet also ! What do you have not pretty ????

  4. Vilken lyx!
    Välkommen tillbaka till Sverige. Underbart att se att du fortsätter att bjuda på alla dessa härliga bilder.

  5. Sylvie: Thank you, I’ll take that as a complement :) I’m NOT perfect believe me but then again nobody is.

    Ellinor: Tack snälla! :) Kommer att göra mitt bästa även i fortsättningen!! Kram

  6. Oh I love having a pedicure! your feet look gorgeous ;)

  7. Nobody is perfect happily.... for you and me ..... but for me, you look excactly figure that I prefer. A little bit of Elle McPherson may be ?? but no so tall.


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