Thursday, July 21, 2011

Contemporary Oriental Lounge

This flat TV cabinet really sets the tone the feel that I want to create in our home. This practically style doesn’t have a name yet as far as I know. It is very close too Asian Fusion and/or a style called ”Casbah Moderna” but less bohemian and a bit more minimalistic chic like a contemporary boutique hotel. The style I’m going for is masculine, ethnic with sculptural elements. The colors are earthy like gray, beige, black and white with a lot of silver. The furniture are low with a lounge feel. The prints are abstract and graphic and the style also includes oriental elements. 

I think “Contemporary Oriental Lounge” dose describe this style quite good but it is too long :) Give me your thoughts on the subject I would love to know what you think! 

On the picture:Low TV Cabinet –BoConcept, Book- Mario Testino Rio De Janeiro, Wooden sculpture- DAY by Malene BirgerGlass DomeRue Verte CopenhagenOil burner, Vase, Tealight Holder and Tray -MONTRA SENSEGanesha - Thailand (Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok)

Have a great afternoon! XOXO Nicky 


  1. This is perfect and correspond to you. Philosophical but modern with a nive book. The only thing I dont like is the glass on the very nice sculpture, I would have left on the socle alone. We have seen so much that before. But it's my opinion and you ask for, hein Nicky? ....

  2. Snyggt! Var har du köpt Ganesha statyn?


  3. Sylvie: I appreciate your thoughts! Have a good day!

    Nathalie: Jag har uppdaterat inköpslistan ;) Ha en fin dag! :)

  4. Verkligen snyggt - helt i min smak!

    Trevlig fredag.
    Kram N.

  5. i luv this style of decor~~~very asian fusion..i like the branch in the vase...very nice


  6. Jessy: Hm...Maybe it is asian fusion, thanks! :) And thank you for stopping by! :) XX

  7. Love what you got here!!! great stuff as always!


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