Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New category

Hi everyone! I’m adding a new category to my blog named Inspiration 4 me. I thought I share with you the things and people who inspire me in my everyday life and hopefully you will find here some ideas and some motivation for your self as well. My very first post in this category will be about a woman who is just fabulous and someone who is one of my style icons.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon is an author, jewelry designer, former model, and former editor of Elle Accessories. She also appeared on Bravo's popular reality show The Real Housewives of New York City. Kelly Bensimon was married to French fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon and the couple has two daughters together.

I just love this woman’s laidback approach to style and her creative ways of self-expression. I think she is stunning and have a rocking body even though she is 42 years old and is a mother of two. She loves art and likes to walk around barefoot, just like me haha Anyway I think she is really cool and I hope that you like this new category. On youtub you can find a lot of clips of Kelly Bensimon where she talks about her career, her jewelry line, her inspirations, and gives you great fashion and decorating tips. Enjoy!

Have a lovely afternoon! :) XOXO Nicky 


  1. Whaou! she is beautiful and look also very interesting about a lot of things she does and creates. Bensimon takes fantastic photos (I am French....) and I've seen many of them.
    You know Nicky before reading text I was sure it was you!!
    Same eyes, mouth and hair and very thin like you.

  2. Syslvie: Yes she looks like me a little bit...or I try to look like her :D Like I said, she is an icon of mine. Take care!

  3. Vad är det för snygg rosa topp du har på dig?
    Var kan jag hitta den?

    Jag blev helt kär i den toppen!

    kram CC

  4. CC: haha det är inte jag!! Du har visst inte läst texten :) Vill tro att jag är lik henne dock ;P :) Rosa blusen är lovely, ingen aning vart den kommer ifrån tyvärr. Minus Blus Orchid Nolita är en liknande modell, kolla på länken :


  5. Åh vilken kul ny kategori :D. Hoppas du har en toppensommar. kram Linda

  6. Linda: Tack det samma! :) Kram


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