Monday, October 17, 2011


Sitting on the floor flipping through books and magazines and trying to motivate my self to get up and do something sensible. I actually have tons to do, I just don’t want to do it. I hate Mondays!!!!! I feeling very low on energy again and just want to go to bed and don’t wake up until Tuesday afternoon. Blaaaaah!!!!!Tomorrow I get my shit together and do everything I was supposed to do today. It's gonna be a busy day! 

Ps.  Just wandering….. are you guys interested in reading this kind of, honest and straight posts or prefer things to be sugar coated. I make post like this sometimes not to bring you down but to let you know that nobody has only fantastic days, we all have shitty days no matter how pretty, rich or successful. People are not programed to be happy all the time, unless they are on something :D 

See you when I see you! :) XOXO Nicky ♡


  1. Dear Nicky,
    A big no no to only sugar coated messages;-) The truth and the fact that all our lifes are a mix of black, white and utterly grey is not something that need to be covered. The most booring and blunt blogs are the ones that try to send a message that everything is hunkydory all the time. Gives me no inspiration at all!
    So no, keep up the good work and please tell us when you feel a bit down, as we all do time to time;-) I appreciate your beatiful blog and excellent pictures very much!

  2. I cannot say more than the precedent anonymous because I dont write well enough in English. Stay exactly the same you are with sadness, joy, beauty etc etc everyone has bad days mainly in autumm and we like you so much as you are Nicky in every mood.

  3. Ulrika and Sylvie: Ok good, I´m relived! haha :) I hate fake in everything!!! :) XXX

  4. Fina du,, som du skriver vi alla har våra "dagar".. hoppas allt är bättre. Tycker du ska fortsätta vara dig själv. Skriv vad du känner för. Love Fatima


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