Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday - Mushroom risotto

Have no idea what to do today. Sometimes I just want to stay in and do nothing... literally nothing. But it would be a waste of a saturday so I guess I find something to do. In retrospective I´ m allways glad I did.   
I'm planning on posting something later today. What should it be about? Suggestions? :) 

Have a great day! :) XOXO Nicky 


  1. Probably you will go to the market, or walk, or to towm or anything you'll do, pictured by you will be nice. As your enormous mushrooms with Arborio risotto hum hum...

  2. Härliga bilder :) Åh vad gott med svamprisotto!!

    Ha en mysig lördag!

    Kramar Linda

  3. Åh jag har samma känsla här, exakt faktiskt.
    Vi får väl se vad vi kommer på så småningom :)

    Kram Mrs G

  4. Yummy! Yummy! I love mushrooms...and risotto too!


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