Monday, October 3, 2011

Beautiful roses from Copenhagen

Today I’m surrounded by flowers. I feel the same way about flowers as I do about my bed linen, white is the best way to go. White is elegant, timeless and beautiful in its simplicity. Every now and then I crave color but in the end I always go back to white :)

Hope you had a great Monday and I wish you all a fantastic week! :) XOXO Nicky 


  1. Åh detsamma till dig Nicky! Finfint!

    Kram Mrs G

  2. I love roses! I often find myself bringing home the yellow or ivory ones ;)

  3. MissA*: From almost pure white to shades of ivory works for me :) I love roses too!! :) XX

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  5. Underbara bilder som vanligt :)
    En fråga, var har du köpt det coola tidningsstället?
    Kram C

  6. Prinsessan: Gå in på länken! Ha en toppen dag! :) XO

  7. I <3 this blog is amazing ;))
    Pleas look at my blog xoxo :*** .

  8. Ancur: Thank you and welcome to my blog! Its nice to be appreciated! :) I will visit your blog, I just have to decide which one haha you have so many! :) XOXO


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