Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So now it’s officially summer, how about that? I’m really enjoining myself here in this beautiful city, but staring to crave something else. A sandy beach, and a azure sea somewhere far away. I just can’t imagine summer without a proper vacation to a place where I can walk around barefoot all day long. It would be a nice change from the pretty but painful high heel shoes I wear over here :) Anyway I still haven’t experienced everything that this amazing country has to offer so I guess I’m sticking around for some more adventure. I only hope it wasn’t so dam hot!

Have a fantastic day you guys! XOXO Nicky


  1. Even in a beautiful town with summer wheather (for how long??), we need a break at seaside. Th same for me and now it's the moment but unfortunatelly still not well enough....
    Anyway you took beautiful pictures as usual (may be without your high heels!)

  2. I hoop that sun is staying for some time in my country, because we live in a rainy land :-( wish also to wear slippers x

  3. Underbara bilder. Hoppas du har det toppen sötis. kramar


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