Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hungarian countryside

Yesterday we took a little trip to the countryside around Budapest for a nice change of scenery. St. Andrews is a beautiful little village, not more than 40 minutes far from Budapest. The village is most known for its art and handicrafts. We walked the narrow cobbled streets, had some lunch and ice-cream and picked up spice paprika. It was a lovely day but must admit a very hot one. Days like this I wish I was soaking somewhere in a swimmingpool. Today we might head back to . St. Andrews for some more shopping and some fish soup (Hungarian: halászlé ) which is a hot soup prepared with mixed river fish, a very popular dish in Hungary and characteristic cuisines around the River Danube.

Wish you all a fantastic summer day! XOXO Nicky ♡ 


  1. Very beautiful pictures as usual.
    Hee too hot also.... How long will you stay to Hungary?

  2. Very nice pictures, Hungary seems a pleasant place.

  3. Världen är verkligen vacker, sett ur dina ögon. Du lyckas hela tiden fånga de där magiska vinklarna. Det är en fröjd att få följa dig i din vardag.

  4. Thank you guys! :) I appreciate it!! XO

  5. Lovely pictures!


  6. Din blogg är ljuvlig!
    Älskar din mingelbilder på stan!

    kram CC

  7. Tack de samma.
    Vilka otroligt fina bilder!

    /Kram J


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