Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The afternoon

Looks like Blogger is working again although I had to change the email address attached to the account. We’ll see how long this one is going to work properly. As you can see some of you comments are still missing, I’m sorry about that! Maybe they turn up, has happened before. Anyway, here are some pictures from the other day, I hope you like them. Today is another hot day in town, not sure what we will do yet but the our day definitely includes ice cream :)  ;)

Whish you all a wonderful day! XOXO Nicky 


  1. I just love your blog, I put your bloglink in my blog! kisses x

  2. Do you have a special filter for the picture with the 3 persons in black and white ?

  3. Fashion Mom: Thank you! :) I appreciate it!! :) XO

    Sylvie: I use photoshops Adjustments under Image, black and white and then I mix with the color balance. Try it! :) XO

  4. Lovely photos as always!

    Hoppas du får en fin helg!



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