Monday, May 9, 2011

Afternoon tea

New york cafe can be found inside a luxury hotel called Boscolo hotel, in the heart of Budapest on the Elisabeth Ring-road. 

So nice and relaxing, and such a civilized, enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. I love High Tea! Love love love love :) Thank you very much dear friends for all your lovely comments in my previous post! 

Have a great week! XOXO Nicky  


  1. Is it the same beautiful place than you show us the other day ? Anyway beautiful pictures and tea and sweets hum hum.
    Continue to make us to dream.

  2. It looks fantastic. Tea is one of life's pleasures and tastes best in the company of good friends and beautiful surroundings.
    May I ask where this beautiful place can be found, Paris, London?

    Lots of love

  3. Ellinor: Thank you, I appreciate your kind comment! I will reveal where I’m in time , but for now I think it is fun to keep you guessing :) Lots of love to you too! :)

  4. Jag såg att det var fler än jag som var nyfikna. Du gör rätt i att hålla oss på halster ett tag till. Vi verkar i alla fall båda ha en förkärlek till vackra byggnader och spännande städer!

  5. Yes to all that sumptuousness. Great images. Loving your blog!


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