Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Need tranquillity

(Me walking on the beach, 2009, Koh Samui Thailand)

"The cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea"- Isak Dinesen.

Life is very stressful right now. A lot of work related problems and irritations, upcoming renovations of the whole apartment and some other personal problems that I don’t feel getting into. Feel as if I have too much going on and I need to "get off" the merry-go-round or I’m going to hit the wall. Somehow I need to slow down and detox my mind from the information overload. I guess I could take a relaxing massage, but don’t really know how to find the time. Anyhow my primer priority should be ME right now and I guess I will try to focus on getting back in balance. This weekend I will get a lot of rest! My plan for Sunday is to have a late breakfast in bed, surround my self with flowers, books and scented candles and just be. Saturday even in this harsh winter weather I want to go outside and get some fresh air, I think it will do me some good.

XOXO Nicky


  1. Var rädd om Dig! Jag lyder i alla fall ditt råd - och tar mig till saltvatten, räknar med att svettas lite - och det där med tårar är jag hyfsat bra på ändå (emotionell vekling du vet...)

  2. Ta hand om dig! när hav, salt och sol känns långt borta kan skogen vara ett bra alternativ!

  3. Thanks Nicky for this beautiful picture of you, I appreciate. I felt you exactly as you are now through your words, collages, etc. these last times.
    In fact life is very difficult it's true. I have some problems also, but everyone has, and I will not complain even it's grave, but I quite understand your need to take a break, to relax have massage or anything which can help to be better. XXX

  4. Det tycker jag låter som en utmärkt plan. Ta hand om dig! Kram Johanna


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