Friday, February 11, 2011

Cocktails and Sunshine

(Image: Thailand, Koh samui, 2009)

I’m sooo sick of this weather! I’m constantly tired and moody, feel like I’m going out of my mind! I need to recharge my batteries with some sunshine. That’s all I can think of these days, feeling the sun on my skin and taking it easy with some yummy cocktails by the sea.

Wish you a wonderful weekend! XOXO Nicky


  1. Well Nicky, how I understand you.... I would like also to leave but some big problems of vertebras forbidden that for time being. I am sick also of this winter which is worse in your country and so long and dark, because here we had some sunshine but not sea, warm sun on our skin etc etc ...and good cocktails...
    May be it is your diet which makes you more fedup with all that non ? Aren't you leaving somewhre soon ?

  2. Sylvie: I’m not leaving soon enough! :D I need a vacation so bad, but with upcoming renovations I have to wait. About the diet...yes it is HARD!!! :D Take care!


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