Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to fly

Louis Vuitton luggage
UGG klassic Cardy Black Boots


I believe that this is the perfect outfit for flying and this is why;

When you travel you want to be comfortable I know, but that doesn’t mean that you should wear some kind of a work out gear like some people do. It is especially important to look your best if you are traveling to a glamorous destination like Rome or Paris. I think that you can never go wrong with the classic black and white combination. It is o so chic!

1. On a plane whether you are sitting or trying to take on a lying position, most clothes crumple up, so you'll have to go with very forgiving fabrics. A stretch jeans (if it is you real size, not your ideal size that you manage to squeeze into) is comfortable enough to sleep in and looks exactly the same after ours in the back of an airplane.

2. Most planes are cold (at least for me) so it is smart to have layers of clothes. A beautiful cashmere sweater looks and feels luxuries. You can wear a nice little top underneath and take of the sweater when you arrive in sunny Barcelona or Nice.

3. Do not wear too much jewelry! It’s uncomfortable and only going to be a problem at the security lines.

4. A Pashmina shawl will not only turn your trip into an unsurpassed comfort experience but also look fabulous around your neck. Pure luxury!

5. Wear shoes that will keep your feet warm in the cold airplane and are easy to remove. I think Uggs are great and if you find them clumsy, you can put a chic ballerina in you handbag and switch shoes when you arrive at you destination. Problem solved!

6. A fabulous watch will elevate your style and help you to be on time, witch is particularly important in this situation.

7. Big dark sunglasses will hide your tired eyes, make you look like a superstar and works well as a do not disturb sign ;)

XOXO Nicky


  1. Nicky as I travel a lot also, and I take almost all things you propose, you will not be astonished that I have most of them (same bags Vuitto,shawl, boots) and even the ballerines of Tory Durch`! Not so well known as yet, my first ones I bought in NY and now we can find them here in Geneva....

  2. hi nicky,

    i wish i had all this wonderful stuff. but all i do have is the white jeans and big sunglasses. my luggage is coach though. does that count? anyway i'd love to travel in style like this.


    stay warm lovely.


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