Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

4 all of you fashionistas out there, here is some outfit pictures. Ok- I'm off, see you next year! Don't forget to have a good time tonight! XOXO Nicky

(Dress: TIGER of Sweden, Evening bag: YSL, Shoes: Christian Louboutin and yes I'm kissing them haha ;)  ;P )


  1. Ljuvligt! Du är så vacker! Ha en härlig kväll nu.

  2. Of course with what I see, you look, as I thouht, - beautiful and more ! every thing: mouth, hair, waist so fine...
    Sorry I was curious and I asked once.... I know now. Thank's. it makes me a New Year's present! from head to toes and with an artistic talents and intelligence over all thees physical qualities I am happy it belongs to a beauty woman. It's superficil may be but I am very glad of that... Because I have the sense ot details of refinement of all. Without it is not the same impact on me.

  3. Louboutin shoes high heels hope you did not dance all night !!!!

  4. Grrrrrrrrrr... Gott nytt år Darling!

  5. Sylvie: Thank you for the complement ...again, you are too good for my ego :) I have revealed a little bit of my self, so my readers don’t perceive my blog as impersonal, but I’m not planning on making a habit of it. Being too open and accessible on the Internet makes me feel uncomfortable. Also I do not think that my physical attributes are the most attractive about me, but thank you again for all of your lovely complements I do appreciate it :)

  6. I completely understand your way not to reveal of yourself because, yes, Internet can be dangerous. For me it was just very agreeable to know that brain and nice physical women are not incomptatible.


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