Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Even When It's Cold

Have a nice Monday evening! XOXO Nicky ♡


  1. Jag skulle inte börja gråta om jag fick pälsen eller handväskan i födelsedagspresent (eller jo, det skulle jag nog, av glädje:)
    God fortsättning!
    Kram C

  2. I love these clothes, I already agsked once but about other nice pctures lon before it the blog, do you wear like this or are there collages. Because it's ansolutely the best taste I know....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sylvie: I try to dress like this, however I do feel a little overdressed sometimes when I’m out with friends/family, but this is me so what can I do :) Unfortunately I have very expansive taste so I can’t buy everything, but this is my style, yes :)

    Which outfit I would wear depends on the occasion and the place. This outfit I probably wear in a big city like Paris, Stockholm or Budapest…

  5. It's just beautifull all you show us and for me it's not overdressed. I want to say that's its really really my taste and even I spend quite a lot for my clothes, it looks it's beyond me!
    Bravo! seldom to find someone who corresponds to my taste like you.

  6. Jag skulle gärna ha ett par skinnbrallor men Guccis priser är lite way out of my league..


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