Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scandic Kramer

We spent the other night in a hotel to get away from it all, keep the romance alive and spent some quality time together just a two of us.

My review of the hotel:

The Scandic Kramer is a 19th century hotel with charm and history, centrally located in Malmö, Sweden. I liked the feel of the hotel, it's like stepping back in time. We had a small, comfortable, cozy room with a nice view. The beautiful marble bathroom has under-floor heating which I really liked and everything was sparkling clean. What I didn't like about the hotel was the lacking service and the extremely outdated TV. Furthermore there was no DVD player, no amenities in form of small bottles with shampoo, body lotion or bath gel. Luckily I packed everything we needed so overall we did have a nice stay.


Wish you all a lovely evening! XOXO Nicky


  1. Nice hotel and cosy, it looks that you have only 1 place occupied when you wrote.... or maybe you utlisize only one, to be close to each other,......
    Joking of yourse, but iot's normal that they did not put necessery for toilets etc. even cosy and nice. I agree with you.
    Cougage Nicky, it will be superb at the end in your home.

  2. Så märkligt! Det ser verkligen flott ut och då är det ju så himla synd att det ska brista i så pass enkla saker som GÖR så mycket! Jag hoppas att du meddelade dem detta ;) KRAM och ha en fin kväll

  3. love your blog! thanks for your comment and dropping by. Def. following you know!! hope you do the same.


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