Sunday, March 13, 2011

My bohemian spirit

We have begun to renovate the apartment & come a long way. Since the apartment is still in chaos we are spending a few weeks at our family’s place. We are living out of our suitcases and leading a very bohemian lifestyle moving from one place to another. We've lived out of our suitcases before; that's a given with our passion for traveling. Once we spent 6 month in Asia witch was incredible but also problematic at times. So far I’m enjoying this experience all though it does present some problems. It is nice to spend quality time with loved once, eating breakfasts together, cooking together and so on. I don’t mind living this way because I see myself as a modern day Bohemian-Hippie anyway. Many would disagree since I also love luxury, which is a contradiction I know :) But I’m super creative, peace loving, poetic, and open-minded. I rejected conventions and value my freedom above all else and live each day in wonder of all the beauty in world.

I also discovered, that we need much less to live on than we usually think. I’m trying to remember that right now, as I contemplate the interior design in our newly renovated apartment. I do miss my routines and my organized closet but I welcome this experience that has altered my perception and making me see things in a different light.

Wish you a great, insightful week! XOXO Nicky

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  1. Åh vad spännande!! Önskar er all lycka, jag vet själv bökigt det kan vara att renovera, så det enda jag kan säga vidare är att håll fokus på slutresultatet :) Men glöm inte bort att njuta av vägen också och ta mycket bilder. (det var det jag gjorde, alltid kul att se före och efter resultat).

    Ps. Du får gärna dela med dig av tankarna på hur du vill att det ska se ut osv.. Och vi vill självklart se hur det blir sen ;)



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