Sunday, November 14, 2010


Watch Rolex
Hermes gloves

XOXO Nicky


  1. did you put this together? it's perfect! it's so my 'look' but without all the hermes logos!


  2. Hi Janet! Yes I did :) I love Hermes!!!! XX Nicky

  3. Whaou whaou exactly all what I love! I am scotched to yourblog every minute I have free even late as tonight..... Hermès and Chanel aie aie there are my favourite, êach other for different ways of dressing, Bags anyone..... Birkin or 2.55 big one etc etc Difficult not to spend with such tastes!
    Fantastic really. Bravo once more.

  4. I wrote yesterday may be it has not passed through the PC. I hope you understand my English....
    I was saying that Hermes and Chanel were my preferred accessories and vests' cuts and I feel like you for fashion. A little bit too expensive sometimes! I have to keep myself of spending.... But what can replace a big 2.55 or a Birkin or... all others....


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