Sunday, October 17, 2010


(Falsterbo, Sweden September 2009)

Each season has a special spiritual meaning for me. In the summertime I commit my self to the moment completely. Is a time for play, to be spontaneous and wild. I do not analyze or make any plans. Just like a child I take the day as its comes and seek out new adventures.

Fall and winter are usually more about looking for answers and setting up goals for the future. These are the seasons where I light a thousand candles as the darkness draw nearer and meditate in the stillness of the world.

Spring is a time full of potential as new life is growing all around me. This energetic time is perfect for putting my plans into work and push through the challenges, which will make me stronger, better and one step closer to the person I’m thriving to become. 

Wish you alla a great week ! XOXO Nicky

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  1. Å vad roligt att få meddelande om att du har en ny blogg! Det ser jättelovande ut! Kram Johanna


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