Friday, October 22, 2010

I ♥ Fuji

(Thailand 2009)

One of my favorite restaurants in Thailand is called Fuji. Fuji is a Thai-Japanese restaurant with a wide range of tasty dishes to choose from. They have an open kitchen, seen from the table and the staff is wearing surgical masks and gloves which I think is a big plus. The environment feels very fresh and the food is delicious! Fuji can be found in department stores and shopping malls like MBK, Paragon or Tesco Lotus. They say that you eat 50% with your eyes and 50% with your mouth. At Fuji you will not be disappointed in the presentation!

XOXO Nicky 


  1. Nicky do you live in Thailand? or do you travel there often? I visited the country for the first time in February and fell in love it. Going to Phi Phi Island and Bangkok in February and I can't wait. Love the food, love the people...

  2. Hi Dena!

    No I do not live in Thailand...not yet anyway. Hopefully I will some day! :) My husband and me travel there at least once a year and stay for 1-2 months. Once we stayed for a half-year haha I do understand why you fell in love. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have about Thailand. Have a lovely day! XX Nicky

  3. need to stop staring at all the food you got going on makes me die for those yummy food!!!


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